Customers reviews

I would like to thank you at for having such very, courteous, helpful and sincerely concerned for your customer satisfaction, Women and Men working for you.

I have always found Diego Lainez,  in Sales, to be a gentleman of generous concern for my many past inquiries  as to the status and conditions of my websites in my account with

I have also, through the years,  contacted just about everyone in  your  Support  Department and occasionally, one or more of the ladies in your Billing Department, and have always found any and all of them to be equally very prompt and helpful and courteous in their replies to my many questions.

Thank you for having such deeply sincere people in your employ.
Doug Goodwin
I've never used a server before and had a project where I needed one. I was a bit afraid of the whole process, to be honest, but the customer support team was fantastic and helped me get started! I needed a few pointers here and there and called one or two more times with what I am sure were questions that pegged me as someone with not so much technical expertise, being more on the nontechnical side, and once more the customer service reps made me feel welcomed and helped me on my way.

My project is a success, and I was able to configure the server myself. I'm happy to recommend to anyone who is looking for or needs a virtual server, even if you are just starting out - or I should say, especially if you are just starting out!
Kate Smalley
I have used over the past 15 years since they opened. As with any new company, we had our challenges.

We are a company that handles credit card processing and shipping distributions systems worldwide. There is no other place I would go.’s network is most stable I have found, I had 23 NOC locations that I migrated down to 3 thanks to them. has a support staff that is 120%, they are always there to help and suggest what fits best for your needs. If you are thinking of going somewhere else, DON’T! You will regret it later.
Bill Appleyard
Trend Revenue, LLC - CTO

When traversing the lands of the hosting business, one often feels trapped in an endless desert of rolling hills, scorching sands, and a lifeless body of nothingness stretching as far as the eye can see. Occasionally, in this emphatic bog of adulterated community, one runs across a nomad masquerading as a devotee of the hosting faith. These nomads are shifty buggers, quick to the excuse, fast to the coin-purse, and shrewd hagglers to the most minute of pennies.

Their whining dialogue is as empty as the landscape, and though their verbage may be different, their attitudes are uniform: “We took your money. But we don’t want to help you.” I have dealt with these nomads for years — fat ones with enough resources behind them to make Solomon blush with envy, lean ones surviving on the most meager of single-humped camels. Every time, they were happy to take my money and provide a server. But at some point, as I continued asking for their advice, help, or support I reached a plateau — “We don’t want to help you. Unless you give us more money!” (cue cheesy camel salesman smile) The experience at could not be more different. From the dawn of my entry into this oasis, I have felt as cared for as the richest sultan.

Every question I have is answered to the best of’s excellent combined ability. Servers pop up overnight — in less than an hour if I need them. No excuses are made — happy, willing hearts make the impossible look easy and even fun. And as I ask for help in the wee hours of the morning to meet ever-increasing deadlines and maintenance benchmarks, no hands are held out for more money — forgetting contracts, their own needs, and any other dromedary spunk that may get in the way, has restored my faith in humanity and been partners and friends quenching my thirst for hosting companionship. I can count on them for any of my needs, and regularly do — and I pay the most reasonable prices on the face of the hosting earth. So to you dear reader, I offer this challenge.

Try’s services. They don’t even have a contract to lock you in — they are rightly confident enough that once sampled, you will return the fountain of goodness they provide year after year. You will find, as Charlton Heston remarked so well in the landmark film Ben Hur: “, you truly are the king of kings.” Thanks everyone! Looking forward to continued relationships with you.

Nick Jessen

Modernized Media

“…such a good way to continue exceeding our customer and Technical expectations”

As a Telecommunications company GPPITelecom, LLC has been communicating Mexico and United States through many technologies like VoIP, data hosting and Video Surveillance as well as many other applications that need to be storage and bandwidth, that is vital for our business due to we provide solutions for medium companies.

When we met in September 2010, we were having terrible experiences in the past with some other data centers, especially with the 1st call resolution and delaying response team, unprofessional attitude and some other aspects that other centers do not have. presented to us the best solution for our needs, 24/7/365 solution for technical support, friendly attention and of course great prices over the competence, we’ve been with since then, and We have been experienced such a good way to continue exceeding our customer and Technical expectations.

Thank You,, You’ve done such a great Job.
Fredy Ortiz, Project Manager
GPPITelecom, LLC
ReactionGrid is powered by a mix of dozens of Xeon Hardware Servers & Virtualized Hyper-V Machines. With thousands of users and hundreds of Simulators & dozens of Grids we stress every aspect of computers and bandwidth.

I don't spend really any time thinking about our servers at all. I just know they are reliable & uptime is as good as possible. This is because they simply run “virtually” flawlessly. If there is an issue, the team immediately fixes it, calls to make sure we’re happy and problem resolved.

In 14 years of hosting we have had about 5 Datacenter hosts. We have the last host we’ll ever need now. Not only is CARI the only Intel Premium Partner for datacenters, but they are also innovators with their SPOD system.

With clients like Microsoft in addition to our smaller business clients & dozens of K-12 Schools it is imperative we have a reliable host & CARI delivers every day. Whatever your needs, hosting, virtual worlds, cloud computing, look to first. Nobody beats CARI!
Kyle “G” Co-Owner & CEO
“Better Servers, Better Service sums it right up.”

As a world leader in online thoroughbred multimedia solutions, Sire cam needed a reliable, fast and cost-effective solution to the ever-increasing demand for online multimedia.

Our business is its website and without it the business cannot not exist. was the answer to the requirements of Sire cam, and it’s viewers.

We have in excess of 20,000 video viewings a month and provide an invaluable tool for anyone buying a horse at auction.

Uptime is therefore crucial and is living up to this expectation. Technical support is excellent, around the clock and impressively professional.

More importantly, the servers are even more impressive. Generous bandwidth and quality server equipment. Well done!
Michael Erb Director of IT
Sirecam Group

“Two years of great service & performance”

I moved to a dedicated server over 2 years ago now, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. As a web developer I needed a powerful and expandable host which could grow with my company (I now host 15+ sites off one server) and certainly offers a good range of servers and great performance even on a low spec server.

Also, they were by far the best value for the money I could find either in the UK or US. Being based in the UK and a different time zone I did have concerns about how the support would work but day or night the support team are on hand to help, responding within minutes not hours or days. is a reliable, cost-effective and powerful host, highly recommended!
Tom James
Founder of has been our hosting provider for more than one year, and we have been very happy with the quality of the servers, especially with the fast response of their Technical Support and Sales departments. Their infrastructure is very robust and our experience with the company has been top-notch.

The initial start with the company was easy, and they worked with us and made sure our strict requirements have been met. We just couldn’t ask for more. While you spend less time worrying about hardware and technical issues with the server, you actually gain more time focusing on how to build your business and generate more income and leads. That’s why you need a hosting partner like Simple superior servers for great prices.
Dragos Turner
DMD Mobile Holdings, Inc., relies on for all of our complex hosting needs. We have been with the company for a little less than a year, and we have been very impressed with the level of service, technical expertise, and speed of deployment they were able to offer. We contacted their sales staff and asked for assistance in engineering the right solution for us.
Based on our explanation and requirements for maximum uptime, they suggested a customized configuration that included a number of load balanced front end web servers, firewalls, managed switches, and both public and private network clusters all tied into a private backend database.’s solution has exceeded our expectations – we have been very happy with moving our sites and hosting to them. What’s even better – they set up, configured, and delivered our system within 24 hours! Unbelievable! Our large server farm, backup solutions, monitoring, dedicated firewalls, switches, and 247/7/365 support is all managed by 
Replicating this solution in house would have cost us $100,000 or more, we still would not have achieved the levels of redundancy we have by being housed in their carrier grade data facility. – thank you for this great solution! Keep up the good work!

Martin Tannerfors

CEO DMD Mobile Holdings, Inc.

“I’m nothing short of impressed with’s performance and support.”

My website is blazing fast with constant uptime, and the technical support is very knowledgeable and friendly.

You won’t find any outsourced techs from India in this company.

My problems were always fixed within 5 minutes. I’m extremely satisfied.
James Parsons Founder/CEO
Image Hosting
I just wanted you to know that my experience so far with has been great. Tech support is prompt and helpful.

I am set up and in the process of switching to your dns servers with my first domain. The interface to manage dns settings is great.

I am looking forward to controlling that aspect of our site. Very nice. 1 and 1 has become very slow and painful to deal with these last few days. I wish I had done this two weeks earlier. I wonder what’s happening over there. Thanks again!
David M
Director of Infrastructure, (Financial institution. Name withheld.)

“We rely on!”

I just wanted to say what a value has been to me over the 6+ years I have been with them. Starting with Cobalt Raq3’s, then moving to Raq4’s, and now onto the Plesk 8.0 environment, I am as satisfied a customer as you will find.

In all these years, not once have I been told it can’t be done, nor have I ever not had immediate resolution to every help ticket I ever submitted. The techs are top-notch, and you’ll find no better support out there. Submit a ticket at any hour day or night, and someone is on it. I mean like ‘right now!’.

The sales team is eager and ready to assist and always has a solution to meet my needs. I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else, and I wouldn’t think twice to refer someone to Thank you for 6 great years of almost zero downtime, and extremely reliable support, hardware, and software.
Tim D
AS a non-profit Medical Community, required a powerful, yet Super-affordable dedicated server, together with a "Doctors' Compatible" Technical Support.

As ideal such a solution can be, we only found it at one place:! Staff at were very helpful, understanding and caring.

We are very positive that this may be the last time gets moved to another host, as has shown to be of remarkable satisfaction to us.
Ahmed Al-Halabi, MCTS, MCP. Server Administrator, Board of Directors.