Power Infrastructure

Un-paralleled Redundancy

Many people claim to have “fully redundant” power infrastructure, at we actually deliver!

Understanding Power Infrastructure

For the majority of the IT world, understanding the intricacies of a carrier class N+1 power system is not within their job description. However, ensuring that power is always available, regardless of equipment failures or other unexpected situations, is on the minds of our engineering staff.

Here’s a simple breakdown. For total redundancy, your provider should be able to offer you an A and a B power circuit in any amperage or voltage you require. From here, you are able to plug equipment into two unique and separate power sources. This provides complete protection from unexpected failures such as power supplies & power cords.

From the Colocation or Data Center provider’s perspective, the A & B circuits should each be connected to a separate UPS (Un-Interruptible Power Supply) systems, separate Generators, and separate SDGE circuits. Without this configuration, a provider is not offering Fully Redundant Power Infrastructure. underwent a full power upgrade in 2007 and can easily support any size power requirement.