Raised Floor Cooling Systems

With computer power density increasing on an almost daily basis, it is essential for Data Centers to be properly equipped and educated in managing HVAC cooling systems and Data Center thermodynamics.

By far, the best known and most respected theories on HVAC management within a Data Center are based on Raised Floor Cooling systems being combined with Hot Row / Cold Row footprint layouts. maintains full Raised Floor Systems throughout all San Diego Data Center environments.

Hot Row / Cold Row – An industry standard for Data Center Cooling

At, all Data Centers are designed to maintain ice cold intake temperatures on the Cold Rows where air is drawn into your rack or cabinet, while quickly evacuating the exhaust air that is vented into the Hot Rows. This planning and management of air flow and temperature are meant to extend the life of IT equipment and provide adequate cooling for high density computing configurations.

The science behind Data Center cooling

All Data Centers follow strict guidelines as set forth by industry leaders such as The Uptime Institute. Temperatures within our hosting Centers are kept at 68’ or below in Cold rows, and humidity is kept at 45’ (+-5’) at all times.