Customer Responsibilities  does not provide system administrators or security advisors to aid Customers in the security of their server. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to properly secure their server.  assumes no legal liability for the actions or data created or posted by its Customers. Each Customer is responsible for all data transmitted or received by, to, or through  services.  will cooperate with law enforcement on any criminal or suspected criminal acts by means which  may deem necessary including but not limited to handing over personal information, data, or hardware to aid law enforcement with their investigations. Law officials may request that you not be notified on issues relating to criminal acts;  reserves the right to comply with this request.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all of their Customers abide by this policy. If a Customer wishes to use a dedicated server to send mail, it is the responsibility of the Customer to make sure that their Forward and Reverse DNS records match, to set a PTR record in the iBizPanel to a non-generic name, and if the Customer has a control panel on their server they must set a distinct non-generic PTR for each domain they plan to send mail from.