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🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes AMD EPYC Free Upgrade with CARIcloud, don't miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your business operations.

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes In the software development world, there is an established order for each team member’s responsibilities and limitations.On the one side we have developers, who are tasked with planning, coding, and testing. On the other side we have operations, who take over when software is released, and monitor performance.Initially, this simple-enough approach was sufficient. However, as […]

🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute Cloud Servers have many advantages. They can be easily reconfigured to a client’s changing needs at a faster pace while not incurring in maintenance costs.  However, depending on your business’ characteristics, a dedicated server might still be the better choice for you.  The main advantage of having a dedicated server is exclusivity. The resources at […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes Today’s data applications are advancing at a break-neck pace. Everyday, we encounter new performance-hungry operations, yet customers demand for even faster response times! NVMe is the technology that delivers the fastest response times, highest throughput, and lowest latency for varied types of workloads. To summarize, NVMe is a transport and storage access protocol, that accesses […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes In the ever-changing business world, the advantage of identifying and working with innovative tools that are on-the-rise, has no price.The global economy that we are all a part of, presents us with countless competitors, and any head-start that you can use, will give you the upper hand. When it comes to managing your business’s data, […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes A huge advantage of nearshore outsourcing with is the ability to communicate with your project manager and developers during normal working hours.

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes Penta Network is a leading provider of supply chain management software and automation services using blockchain technology.

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes Containers provide a consistent, isolated execution environment for applications. They don't require a guest operating system.

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes Teams gave us the ability to move all communication channels onto one platform. Fewer programs to manage equals less confusion. We run an international company on Teams.

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes is one of the few hosting companies authorized by Microsoft to offer virtual desktops. Virtual Desktops look just like a stable desktop, only in the cloud. What makes virtual desktops, so cool is people working from home can access their work computer from anywhere in the world.

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes The pandemic is killing more businesses than people. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to pivot from routine operations to implementing a remote work plan fort heir employees overnight.

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes With the Coronavirus in full force millions of people have been forced to work remotely. This has caused a title wave of new users for video conferencing applications, one of the most dominate video conferencing applications is Zoom.