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Cloud Servers have many advantages. They can be easily reconfigured to a client’s changing needs at a faster pace while not incurring in maintenance costs. 

However, depending on your business’ characteristics, a dedicated server might still be the better choice for you. 

The main advantage of having a dedicated server is exclusivity. The resources at your disposal are not shared with any other users, which gives you full control of how the server’s CPU and RAM are used. You also obtain a unique IP address 

This also allows for better security and performance, specially if your business has high-traffic necessities and needs strong hosting security, for operations such as financial transactions over FTP or SSL. 

A dedicated server is also a customizable resource. Your CPU, RAM, disk space and software are tailored to your unique needs from the beginning.  

If your business has the following needs, consider a Dedicated Server

  • Exclusivity of resources 
  • High Traffic performance 
  • Enhanced security 
  • A unique IP address 
  • A customized server-solution.