Service Level Agreement (SLA)’s Service Level Agreement covers the server hardware, power, bandwidth, support, & networking provided within its own data centers.

Under this Service Level Agreement will provide:

  • 100% Up time Guarantee each calendar year.

Included in this guarantee is our promise of reliable power and facilities, bandwidth and connectivity, and responsive customer service.

  • Hardware Replacement – stocks a large variety of hardware to ensure that emergency replacements happen in a timely manner. Replacements of hardware are guaranteed within 2 hours, but generally happen between 5 and 20 minutes. This replacement guarantee begins once has identified hardware as the cause of the problem and includes your hardware’s power supplies.
  • Reliable Bandwidth and Connectivity – strives to maintain 100% network up time in all of its facilities. Excluding scheduled maintenance, offers a network up time guarantee covering your service from the outbound port of your edge device to the outbound port of the data center core routers.
  • Reliable Power and Facilities – employs a facilities crew available for any issues that may occur in our data centers. Excluding scheduled maintenance, offers a reliable power and facilities guarantee covering your service from the PDU your edge device to which you are connected to the generators that will power your service in the event of a power outage.

If is not able to provide the services guaranteed by this SLA, will credit your account 5% of the monthly service charge with each hour on the affected devices, up to a 100% cumulative of the monthly service charge of the affected devices over the course of your billing month. Hardware SLA credits are calculated each additional hour of downtime as listed in the Hardware Replacement guarantee.