Cloud Storage

Access your documents, photos, music, and more any time, anywhere, with our new Cloud Storage. All you need is an Internet connection! Cloud Storage eliminates the need for failure-prone external hard drives, saving you time and money while eliminating your IT headaches.

Office Productivity

Small companies and enterprises alike have been using SharePoint for collaboration for years. Over time, the additional complexities in SharePoint have forced users to look for alternative collaboration services. Our new Cloud Storage delivers the easy-to-use solution you’ve been looking for. Now, you can securely share files outside your company’s internal network, and even access files with your mobile devices via applications from OwnCloud!


Financial Services

The Cloud Storage is the perfect solution among financial services and banking organizations for file sharing. Our cloud storage has the speed and security you have to have, leaving you with the peace of mind you need. Unlike other cloud storage providers that store your sensitive data in someone else’s random data centers, with us, your information is stored in our very own PCI DSS compliant data centers!


With the popularity of the ‘mobile first’ world, students and faculty alike are taking advantage of syncing their data seamlessly to the cloud. However, this seemingly simple technology creates a huge security risk for IT administrators! Your IT administrators have no control over those other third party solutions. Luckily, with our new Cloud Storage solution, your IT administrators have access to various controls in the system, and even the actual data centers that store your school’s private information!.


Have it your way!

You can access your storage via FTP, NFS or WebDav. Better still, with WebDav you have access to OwnCloud and its ecosystem of mobile apps!

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