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🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes Today I would like to share a brief introduction to Linux system administration. I was hesitant to approach this topic. There are so many places for people to say “But Erik! You forgot to mention how we XYZ!”. I might be the harshest critic, and I risked letting this post balloon into an expansive overview […]

🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute Paying too much for dedicated servers? Check out, because it is always gratifying to get better performance at a lower price. The Crew works hard to bring you the most competative pricing in the industry. invites you to take a look at your server price and compare it to what we offer. […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes Hurricane Sandy highlighted the fragility of many pieces of modern infrastructure. In addition to the loss of human life and physical property, lost data has impacted the operations of many organizations on the East Coast. According to Ben Carmitchel, President of, the blackouts in New York City and New Jersey “have probably caused millions of […]

🕒 Reading Time: 2 minutes   The cutting edge of scientific research is often accomplished with surprisingly little cutting edge technology. In many cases, the equipment used to make discoveries is quite old, having been operating reliably for many years. Thus many scientists, comfortable with technological status quo, can easily miss small, affordable changes in technology that have the possibility […]

🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute Mike Dowdy, Vice President of Sales at CariNet Inc., illustrates why CariNet is a superior hosting company.  Citing our redundant power systems, 24/7 support and flexible server architecture. Click here to watch the Video!

🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute The amazing team at Storm Development developed Telecine Play. Telecine Play is the Netflix of Brazil. Telecine Play provides over 1,500 uninterrupted movies that are viewed by thousands of people 24/7! Check them out!

🕒 Reading Time: 5 minutes Cloud computing is often characterized by: Virtualized computing resources, Seemingly limitless capacity / scalability, Dynamic and instant self-provisioning, Multi-tenancy, Pay-for-use pricing (In the public on-demand model)

🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes Cloud computing provides the SMB and the Enterprise space the ability to create virtual machines on the fly that provide functionality on par with a dedicated server. This means small to mid sized companies no longer require an in house server room and the associated cost of hosting on premise or in a colocation facility. […]

🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute RealClearPolitics is a website that provides political polling data from multiple sources. The site is often quoted by large media outlets due to its credibility and factual content. RealClearPolitics provides clarity to the mucky world of politics. This is why over seven million people visited RealClearPolitics last month alone!