🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute We are constantly building and provisioning new servers here at CARI.net. Unless you order a custom server, your server is pre-built and ready for use when you buy it. The longest amount of time you will have to wait for a new pre-built dedicated server to be accessible is 30 minutes or less. The timer begins when your payment is processed and your order is verified. If your server is not up in 30 minutes, your second month is free! This excludes additional services. Our servers are built with brand new hardware, using the latest technology in the market. CARI.net has been an Intel Platinum Partner for over six years. Our customers get the best processing power possible. When building each server, we always ensure to follow proper safety procedures and use anti-static bags to contain parts and ALWAYS wear anti-static wrist bands to avoid damaging the computer. Here is a video of one of our techs building a pre-built server on one of our custom designed slot-load chassis. Go to the link below to get started on ordering your server now! https://cari.net/buy-dedicated-server-hosting/