🕒 Reading Time: < 1 minute Today I want to announce some exciting news at CARI.net. We have rolled out our new Monitoring services using Nimsoft to provide ping and remote access monitoring for free. Existing customers can add this service to any dedicated server through the panel on the server edit page. All new servers on our network will be monitored for ping and remote access automatically. Since this monitoring is completely external, no installation process is necessary. Nimsoft is one of the leading monitoring services in the IT industry, offering these services for about 14 years. CARI.net chose to work with Nimsoft due to it’s robust engineering and reliability, allowing us to provide our customers with even better support. We will be informed almost immediately if a server loses connection or if SSH or RDP become inaccessible. We also have added a level above the most basic monitoring service, port monitoring. Customers can add this service to any CARI.net IP address for $5 and immediately gain the peace of mind that our technicians are monitoring essential services 24/7. We hope these new services will allow us to provide even better service to our customers. When a monitoring alarm is triggered, a technician will now have knowledge of some server problems even before customers have time to notice. We are working on a more advanced service for customers such as in depth apache monitoring or hyper-v monitoring; stay tuned for more information on the capabilities and release date. If you have any questions about these services, open a case in your account or call us at 858-974-5080 x 200.