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Easy, adaptable, scalable, OS-agnostic, with all-flash storage and Microsoft’s Hyper V System. Get a 25% off in your first month.

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    CARI Cloud


    Cloud Made Easy

    CARIcloud offers easy to understand, fixed monthly billing and flash storage that blazes past the competition.


    Os Agnostic

    CARI Cloud lets you pick the right operating system for the right task. With CARI Cloud, you have the freedom to run both Linux and Windows cloud servers.


    Adapts Automatically

    CARI Cloud automatically adapts to the ever-changing communication between applications and infrastructure.


    Scale With Confidence

    CARI Cloud is hosted in SSAE 16 and SOC compliant data center. All you have to do is set the specs, then scale when you're ready with a simple reboot.

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