ūüēí Reading Time: 3 minutes First things first IIS 8.5 comes standard with Windows Server 2012 R2. IIS 8.5 has a lot of cool features that were not available in previous versions of IIS. For example the latest version of IIS has a feature called Dynamic Site Activation. Dynamic Site Activation is perfect for companies that have a lot of web sites. Dynamic Site Activation delivers¬†faster Web start times along with reduced memory consumption, ¬†IIS 8.5 also features¬†W3C Logging Service. With W3C logging administrators can get detailed information on each access request.   Now lets get started setting up IIS. Below you will find simple instructions on how to get up and running in no time flat. 1) Open Server Manger and click on the Manage tab. ¬†After clicking on Server Manager click on Add Roles and Features. Blog Article 2013-03-11 2) Click on Role-based or featured-based installation Blog Article Two 2013-03-11 3) Select the server name from the server pool in which you want to install IIS. Blog Article Two 2013-03-11 4) Check the box titled Web Server (IIS). Blog Article Four 2013-03-11 5) Add features window will appear as it appears below. Click on Add Features. Blog Article Six 2013-03-11 6) On the select features window you can choose any additional features required. If no additional features are required simply click next. Blog Article Seven 2013-03-11 7) On Web Server Role (IIS) read information and click Next. Blog Article 8 2013-03-11 8) On the Roles and Features Wizard select any additional Role Services that you require. If no additional role is required simply go with the default setting and select next. Blog Article 12 2013-03-11 9) The last step is to check restart destination server automatically. Blog Article 15 2013-03-11