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CARI.net asks: Are you ready for IPv6? In 2013, IPv6 use continued to increase meteorically. If this keeps up, more than half of internet users around the world will be IPv6 connected in less than 6 years. This is good news with the anticipated exhaustion of IPv4 addresses on the horizon. As part of this global effort, CARI.net is working with vendors and providers to ensure end-to-end IPv6 readyness. Beginning early 2013, CARI.net completed upgrades allowing the native use of IPv6 in every datacenter. Every Server, Cluster and Cloud sold today includes support for IPv6 addressing


Benefits for Customers

Wondering what the big deal is with IPv6? IPv4 is limited to 4 billion IP addresses (usually just called IP addresses). While this may seem like a large number, internet use by the world’s 7 billion inhabitants is increasing rapidly. When the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) came up with a long term solution to address this limit, they went all out. With IPv6, there are over three hundred forty undecillion available addresses!

You are probably thinking, “What the flip is an undecillion?” Simply, it is a 1 followed by 36 zeros (10^36). Or, if you prefer, “a very big number.” The idea is that we won’t need a new Internet addressing system for quite a while. We have heard it said that this is more addresses than there are stars in the known universe. True or not, this should last us earthlings a very long time.

Beyond having a much larger address space, there are several other advantages to IPv6. To name a few: More Efficient Routing; More Efficient Packet Processing; Directed Data Flows; Simplified Network Configuration; Support For New Services; and Security. We won’t go into any of the details on this as it has been covered extensively by others on the Internet.

Availability and Pricing

CARI.net is ready today to help customers and partners leverage this new technology. Effective immediately, dedicated server customers can purchase a /64 IPv6 subnet, that’s 18 Quintillion IPv6 addresses, for only $10.00 per month (remember, each server includes both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address). All hosted private clusters and clouds come with a /64 included at no additional charge. Call us today at 888-221-5902 to get started.

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