🕒 Reading Time: 3 minutes Backups are a critical component of infrastructure that simply cannot be overlooked. As V.P. of Sales here at CARI.net, I have seen a business disappear overnight because of a catastrophic data loss. Companies spend a large portion of their budget on marketing efforts to get new customers and collect critical data used to determine the direction of the company. What happens if all that data disappears? Backups should not be viewed as a burden to contend with or an insurance plan with no benefits. As a System Administrator, backups can save you the embarrassment of a complete disaster or even the loss of your job. As a business owner, backups can prevent your business from total ruin. Given the critical nature of backups, CARI.net tirelessly vetted multiple backup providers. At the end of the day we selected a leader in the industry: R1Soft. R1Soft provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP) with real-time backups automatically save a copy of every change in data. Using R1Soft for your backups will not hinder your server’s performance. This means you can run backups in the middle of the day. Starting at only $30/month for 100GB of backup storage, CARI.net gives you peace-of-mind that can scale on its own ($0.50/GB on-demand), by your choice ($0.30/GB prepaid), or even buy a hybrid of the two with limits. One of the cool features of this new backup solution is that it can backup anything with a static IP address provided it is running a supported operating system Windows or Linux. That server running in your Telco closet that belongs in a computer museum? Yes, we can back that up too! Once your backups are purchased you will have the ability to manage them in your Backup Manager. Following the provisioning of your service, a customer case will be opened with instructions on how to get started. And, as always, we are here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. After the backups are installed and running on your server, viewing and restoring backups is a breeze.
  1. Simply log into your Backup Manager and click on servers
  2. After clicking on servers click on deploy.
  3. The deploy icon will be the second icon form the left next to your server.
  4. After clicking on the deploy icon simply enter in your servers credentials.
  5. After everything is setup you will see the status of your backups under servers & Policies.
CaptureR1Soft By default the schedule is to run a full backup initially and incrementally every day after that with another full backup once a week. If you want to modify the default schedule click on “Policy” and clicking the first icon next to the default policy which is “edit”. This will allow you to tailor your backups to meet your specific needs. R1Soft2 The steps will allow you to quickly and effectively restore backups from your Backup Manager to your servers. Portrait Of Happy Businesspeople For more information on our new backup solution visit https://cari.net/additional-services/server-backup-services.ht