Why choose an NVMe SSD?

If you’re looking for the next great advance in your cloud server performance, the SSD with a NVMe is a smart choice. While the NVMe interface provides an enhanced bandwidth, CARI CLOUD SERVERS provide the technology to deliver the next-generation performance.

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NVMe Cloud Servers

NVMe Changes Everything

Storage Architecture

NVMe is more than a high-performance host controller interface for direct-attached SSDs. It has evolved into a storage architecture that covers everything from small client SSDs to a cloud-scale SSD pool.

It's all about speed

Today's AI and machine learning applications are all about speed, processing data much faster than in the past. NVMe provides the bandwidth and low latency these demanding workloads need, making it a mainstream option for AI storage.

Upgrade Your Cloud Server Now With The Power Of NVMe​

We know that the pain point of migrating off dedicated hardware comes down to the cost of storage as well as cores. Our NVMe cloud was built with you in mind. There is a NVMe accelerated HDD storage available in our cloud offering.

SSD or HDD we’ve got you covered; you can migrate your dedicated server to the CARIcloud NVMe without any change to your monthly price*.

*R1soft Backups required for a free migration on us. If your OS is unsupported, we can provision an NVMe server with a clean OS and you can move your data.

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