Hybrid & Private Cloud

Server Clusters

When a more complex configuration combining public networks, private networks, or both is required, provides almost unlimited flexibility for our customers. Whether you need to combine a number of servers together on a private VLAN for basic networking functions, or if you require a more complex configuration that combines multiple servers, firewalls, load balancers, etc., can custom tailor a solution just for you. Pricing for the Clustering solution is based on the complexity of your cluster requirements, and the services and add-ons required to achieve your desired configuration. Choose one of the options below and contact us, or click “Get Quote” to configure your own custom option!

Windows Network Load Balancing (NLB)

Windows Network Load Balancing (NLB) with Private Mirrored SQL Database Servers and Witness Server

Load Balanced Linux Servers and Private Database Server

Load Balanced Linux Servers and Mirrored Database Servers

Load Balanced Linux Servers and Mirrored Database Servers with Full Redundancy

(secondary switch and additional NICs)

Cloud and Virtualization Basic

Cloud and Virtualization Fully Redundant

Cloud and Virtualization / High Availability / Fully Redundant / Compellent SAN

High Security/High Performance/ High Availability/Fully Redundant/Cloud, Virtualization or traditional cluster

You need it. You got it.

Additional Services

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IP Addresses

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Monitoring Service

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Server Backup Services
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Microsoft Software Licensing
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SSL Certificates

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Domain Name

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Cloud Storage