IPs and Subnets

Adding IP addresses is easy, and you may purchase as many IP addresses as you legitimately require for your dedicated hosting needs. To order up to 7 additional IPs for your non-clustered dedicated server, simply add them to your server in your control panel. Subnets are only assigned to clouds and clusters and require a private VLAN. Note: does not allow bulk-mailing on our network (see AUP for more information).

Subnet Size

# of IPs

# of usable IPs


Individual IPs (on server only – not clusters)1-8 $1 each
/29 (requires private VLAN cluster)85$10
/28 (requires private VLAN cluster)1613$16
/27 (requires private VLAN cluster)3229$25
/26 (requires private VLAN cluster)6461$40
/25 (requires private VLAN cluster)128125$60
/24 (1 full Class-C – requires private VLAN cluster)256253$100
/64 IPv618 QuintillionMore than you need$10

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