Monitoring Service

You need it. You got it

We offer two levels of server monitoring for your peace of mind and to cover the level of technical assistance you require. Both options give you the security of knowing that an engineer has verified the alert before you are notified of an issue. Rest assured we are watching your server even when you cannot. Five-minute response with no false alarms – guaranteed!


Choose the perfect plan

Basic Monitoring WITH ALERTS


Monthly per IP

Monitor ports HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, IMAP, MYSQL and POP3 services 24/7/365. If any of these services fail to respond, you will be alerted immediately.Please note that the services must be publicly accessible (i.e., not on a private IP)

Basic Server Health Monitoring


Monthly per IP

Monitor your hardware in addition to your ports. Basic server health monitoring monitors your processor, drive and memory.

Advanced server monitoring


Monthly per IP

Get enterprise grade monitoring with our Advanced monitoring