ūüēí Reading Time: 4 minutes Setting up a domain controller in a brand new environment is an excellent opportunity to learn Active Directory. CARI.net customers can use Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in Windows Server 2012 R2 to quickly deploy domain controllers on-premises and in CARI.net’s data centers. The latest version of AD DS features increased flexibility when authorizing access to files, and administrative tasks. The remainder of this article provides a step-by-step guide to get Active Directory Domain Services up and running. Steps To Setup Active Directory in Windows Server 2012 R2 1) From Server Manager, click “Manage” and select “Add Roles and Features”. Blog Article 2013-03-112) Click “Next” on the “Before you Begin” Screen. 3) Check “Role-based or feature-based installation” on the “Select installation type” screen. Click “Next”.

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4) This will bring you to the “Select destination server”. Choose “Select a server from the server pool” option and select the server name that you want to install Active Directory Domain Services on. Click “Next”.Blog Article 2014-04-29 Step 4 5) On the “Select server roles” check the box for Active Directory Domain Services. 2014-04-29 Blog Article # 4 6) On the “Add features that are required for Active Directory Domain Services” pop-up, click on “Add Features”. We recommended that you “Include management tools” to easily manage¬†Active Directory Domain Services for future use. Click “Next”. Blog Article #5 2014-04-297) By default “Group Policy Management” and “Remote Server Administration Tools” will be checked. Click “Next”.2014-04-29 Blog Article #6 8) Click “Next” after reading the information.Blog Article #79) Check “Restart the destination server automatically if required” so that if any features require a reboot, it will happen automatically. Click “Install”.Blog Article #8 2014-04-2910) After the server reboots and the installation has completed, the screen below will be displayed. Click “Close”. Blog Article #9 2014-04-2911) From “Server Manager”, click on the notifications flag on the top right hand side of the screen. Click “Promote this server to domain controller”. 2014-04-29 #1012) Select “Add a new forest” and enter your company’s “Root domain name”.Blog Article #11 2014-04-2913) Select Forest / Domain Functional Level as per your requirement. (For more information, please view this TechNet article.) Provide SDRM password which is used when restoring Active Directory is any disasters occur. * MAKE NOTE OF THIS PASSWORD, IF YOU FORGET YOUR ADMIN PASSWORD YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY LOCKED OUT OF YOUR SERVER. Blog Article #12 2014-04-30 14) Read the message regarding DNS and click “OK”. Blog Article # 13 2014-04-30 15) Verify NetBIOS name and click “Next”. Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard¬†16) Review the paths of the AD Database log files. Click “Next”. Blog Article #15 2014-04-3017) Review your selections and click “Next”.Blog Article # 17 2014-04-3018) Click on “Install” once prerequisites are passed. Blog Article #17 2014-04-3019) Once the installation is successful, you will be prompted with the message below. After the server reboots, Active Directory Domain Services will be completely installed on the server.¬†2014-04-30-#18 Congratulations, setup is now complete!